Labor Only

You can save some money AND get people doing the job for you when you hire our labor only professional movers in Los Angeles. Zoom Movers can handle the whole moving while you provide transportation. Do you have your own truck or van? Do you need to move your stuff and want to avoid the hassle and pain in the back? Team up with us, save money and time, and enjoy the whole moving from the first moment!

Forget about hiring inexpert strangers. Forget about asking friends or relatives who may be well-intended but don’t really know how to handle certain things. Zoom Movers can take good care of your belongings from minute one and do the moving fast. You can drive us to your new location or you can let one of our drivers do it for you. Gain peace of mind and relief by hiring us!

Let our Affordable Movers Los Angeles Reps Handle It

A move can sound like an easy thing at the beginning. But let’s face it: it’s a pain in the back for many people, especially those who are not used to doing it. On top of that, it’s very likely you don’t have all the elements that make moving really smooth and fast. Who buys dollies, hand trucks, shrink wraps, and other similar items tools? The same money you can pay for something you will rarely use anymore, you can invest it in reliable labor only professional movers in Los Angeles.

Zoom Movers not only carry all those tools and materials with them. Our team members went through the background and drug test before we hire them. That way we make sure that you’re being served by the right people, with work ethics, etiquette, and the proper attitude. We can guarantee that they will treat your furniture and other stuff as if it was theirs. And you and your family will be treated as good friends.

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