moving company in pasadena

Avoid illness with our moving company in Pasadena

The world at the moment is having to live with a pandemic, and this means that everyone has to take special precautions when they are interacting with other people. This can make everyday tasks like moving from one address in LA to another much more difficult, and you may have to search for a specialist moving company in Pasadena who will be able to help you. At Zoom Movers, we attempt to help you by providing hygienic and safe working that will keep you safe from the virus. Our teams are also highly skilled movers, so you can rely upon us to move your goods safely, professionally and in a way that protects your items.

How we will keep you safe

Over the course of the pandemic, we have taken steps to ensure the safety of both our staff and customers. This means making sure that we have strong hygiene and sanitizing protocols in place that will prevent us from spreading the virus to you, or from bringing it into your home. We not only sanitize our trucks before we move between jobs, but we also wash our hands regularly and use hand sanitizer when we are packing or loading your items. This helps to prevent the spread of the disease, and ensures that both our staff and our customers are not exposed to the virus. If you want to know more about the steps that we take to protect you while we are still struggling with the pandemic, then you should reach out to us today and enquire about our services.

moving company in pasadena

How we help moving local families

We specialize in providing help to local homeowners and businesses who want to move to a new location. Our high-quality service, including using premium moving equipment, means that we can keep your items safe and protect them during the move. We can handle lots of furniture, other goods and computer equipment to make sure that you get exactly what you need with our help. Find out today what we can do to ensure that all of your goods are safe in our hands, including protecting your items to a high standard, keeping your goods in storage until you are ready to collect them, and also being fully insured, so that you won’t have to be out of pocket if anything unexpected did happen.

Let us move you today

Need professional moving services today? We can help you to manage your moving during this difficult time by taking care of both you and your items. When you need a moving company in Pasadena to protect you, including sanitizing everything and making sure that we keep our contact to a minimum, you should put your faith in Zoom Movers. We can assist you with moving from packing and transporting to unloading at the other end. For a free quote or to ask about online quotes, simply contact us today using our online message form, or call us at (323) 784-6460 now.