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How to Plan an Office Relocation with Corporate Movers

 Any corporate move is fraught with stress and worry, especially if you are the person in charge of the move. Only with very small businesses can the moving be done all in one go. For the larger companies with more employees, it is better to take it in stages. The aim is to move quickly so that your business can be online, up and running again in no time.

All this takes is a measure of coordination. The person in charge should explain to their corporate movers in Los Angeles the order in which office furniture and equipment should be taken for a smooth transition to the destination. We at Zoom Movers are experienced with corporate moving and endeavor to comply as closely with the client’s wishes as possible.

corporate movers in Los Angeles


As with households, businesses also do accumulate things that are no longer wanted or are obsolete. Stores and supplies should be revised and any items that aren’t necessary consigned to the dumpster. No one wants to move junk from one place to the next and clutter up the new premises. Throwing it out also frees up space and makes room to move. Of course, before the move takes place all personal belongings of the employees should be removed from desks and other locations.


Corporate movers in Los Angeles usually offer companies a package deal that includes the boxing, packing, wrapping, and padding of all the items to be removed. Because of commercial safety or sensitivity, some items will be packed by the staff themselves, which should be done before the movers arrive, but the rest will be wrapped and packed by the removal team.  As they come fully equipped, there’s no need to worry about containers or padding material. Only a minimum amount of staff should be present as more people will impede the movement of the removal crew.


Each piece of office equipment needs to be unplugged or disconnected. All machinery should be turned off. Anything containing liquids should be emptied. In large complexes containing multiple offices, a plan of removal should be agreed upon beforehand.  Each item that is removed should be labeled and counted. Corporate artwork, decoration, and logos can be left to the removers to pack. To save congestion at the new office site, it is better to load the transports in reverse order. That is to say whatever equipment that is necessary to set up first in the premises goes on last and is unloaded first.

Smooth Operation

At Zoom Movers, as corporate movers in Los Angeles, we are glad to work closely with our clients to ensure that the removal and placement at the new offices go as smoothly as possible. A well thought out plan of action means a fast and efficient service. Both sides come away with the satisfaction of a job well done. So, if you are thinking of a corporate move, don’t hesitate to check us out first as we provide a rapid and excellent service. For a free quote and more information, you can contact us through our website.