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Los Angeles Movers to Make Your Move Extremely Simple

Congratulations on your new home in Los Angeles! Before you celebrate, though, make sure that you have planned your move with an affordable and professional moving company. If you hire our Los Angeles movers, we’ll simplify every aspect of the moving process from pricing to packing to moving in.


Los Angeles Movers Tips to Make Moving Easy 

Sort Your Things 

There is no need to hire Marie Kondo for this, but if you can organize your belongings by categorizing, then your move will certainly be Kondo approved!


For instance, you can spend two hours sorting through your clothes. When sorting them, gather all textiles at once from your closet, laundry room and hamper. This way you know exactly the amount you’ll be packing and can better visualize how many boxes you’ll need.


After clothes, you can sort through your shoes, books, accessories, etc. in the same method as you did with clothes. 

los angeles movers

Donate Your Things 

With every move comes the pile of items you either can’t believe you still own or are suddenly ready to part with. Thus, consider donating them to a local charity or thrift shop. There are several organizations that will accept your clothes, furniture, toys, books, and more. Conduct a Google search to help you find the right places to drop your things nearby.


Sell Your Things 

While you may not find a certain clothing item stylish anymore, that doesn’t mean it’s not still worth some money if it’s in great condition! So, why not sell some of them? Some of your items can be donated while others can be sold online. You may use Craigslist or OfferUp to sell your furniture and eBay for your clothes. Set featured image

There are several online places available that can help you in selling pre-loved items, most of which have a mobile app now where you can buy and sell on your phone. Try one of them today to help you eliminate as many items as possible during your move. 


Choose the Moving Day 

We encourage you to hire our Zoom Movers at least a month before your moving day. In that way, you can plan everything accordingly. 


Our busiest days are on weekends. Thus, if you wish to skip the chaos, you should move on weekdays when we are most likely to be available on shorter notice. If you qualify, though, we can offer you a significant discount when you move during the off-season. Learn more about our qualifications by calling us today!


Have a To-Do List 

There’s no doubt that moving is stressful no matter the circumstances. However, if you know what to do, then it will be a lot easier for you to move. Write down the things that you need to pack and move so you have a good idea of exactly how much you’re dealing with and can also organize the list into categories. Consider putting your moving tasks on your calendar as well. 


Prepare Moving Boxes 

If you need more boxes than what we have provided, then one of the best places to get boxes is a local liquor store, believe it or not! They may not give you the boxes for free but acquiring them here can be a lot cheaper than when you buy them through local shipping or home improvement store. 


Here at Zoom Movers, we can guarantee you that your moving day will less stressful and far smoother than any move you’ve done before. Schedule your appointment with our Los Angeles movers at (323) 784-6460.