moving labor from los angeles

Save Staff Overtime with Moving Labor in Los Angeles

Your business is moving to a new part of the city, and you are preparing for the big day. You can get the process started by having your staff and plug and wrap everything, packing all of the essential office equipment and making sure that it is all ready to go. However, when it comes to actually transporting all of that equipment to the new location, you might want to consider using moving labor from Los Angeles moving specialists. At Zoom Moving we can assist you with every stage of the process, ensuring that you do not have to throw money away by having your staff lift heavy equipment without knowing how to do so safely.

Avoid Paying Overtime

You might have your staff pack and wrap items during their working hours, but actually transporting the stuff on moving day might be more costly to your business. Typically, your workers might expect to be paid for this effort, and this could involve paying out for an extra day of work, for longer hours or for more difficult work. For example, if you have office staff then they might require more payment for their hard labor, which is not something that they would be likely to experience as a standard part of their job. In fact, you might even find yourself having to pay more to your teams for working that day than you would if you hired a professional team of movers to do the job for you. This is something to consider when you are looking at the costs of relocation.

moving labor from los angeles


Covering Labor Costs

In addition to having to pay your staff overtime for this work, you may also need to consider the costs involved with liability, and the risks of them being injured while they are transporting heavy or complex machinery. Not only is there the risk of then damaging this machinery in such a way that it requires repairing or replacement, but if there is any accident involving your staff members then you could have to pay them to recover. Sometimes, insurers will not pay out on injuries which have occurred doing work that is not within the normal scope of the staff member’s employment, so for example they might object to paying a receptionist who has been injured carrying a heavy filing cabinet. These things are all necessary considerations when you are choosing to hire professional moving labor teams.

Businesses Should Always Choose Our Services

If your company is looking for help with moving labor in the Los Angeles area, then you need to speak to Zoom Moving today. Our professional teams are here to assist you with all types of moving services, but if you are confident that your office staff can wrap and secure your furnishings, then we can provide labor only services designed to remove the risk of heavy carrying for your staff. To find out more about how we can help you, reach out to us online or call us at (323) 784-6460 now.